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  • UNLIMITED High Performance Disk Space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth/Traffic

Secure & PCI Compliant Web Hosting

You will need PCI Compliance if you use your business website to accept, transmit or stores any cardholder data. This is generally difficult to find in a shared hosting environment.
Reel Web Solutions complements efforts for PCI compliance by:

  • Insuring PCI standards can be met and kept for our own systems.
  • Providing firewall protection for all servers and the option for PCI compliant firewall rules to be applied to customers environment.
  • Providing VPN for customers to securely connect and manage environment remotely.
  • Providing VLAN (virtual private network) for customers environment with multiple servers so their database server is completely isolated from public access.
  • Including or offering Anti-Virus scanning on VPS and/or Shared Hosting servers.
  • Protecting physical access to network and servers. Data centers are managed & monitored 24x7 by security cameras and on-site staff.
PCI compliance requires quarterly scans from a PCI compliance vendor. RWS goes above and beyond this requirement by having regular scans from two different PCI compliance vendors. One vendor's scans are done quarterly. The other scans are done nightly. This ensures that all potential PCI compliance issues are accurately identified and dealt with promptly.

Enterprise Grade Storage

Storage is a key component of your site. There are multiple tiers of storage from consumer grade to server grade, and then there is Enterprise grade. Enterprise is a grade used to describe implementations used by the largest companies in the world. Hostek has invested heavily into our storage infrastructure and is proud to base our storage on Dell's Compellent storage.

Enterprise grade storage has advanced redundancy features that go beyond simple RAID configuration, as well as enhanced performance features and monitoring/management to ensure optimal health of the storage environment.

Automatic Nightly Backups

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) backups are performed nightly.
RWS provides two types of backups. The first is a replication. What that means is we auto replicate your files to an exact storage replica. Why is that important? What if the primary storage fail? Unlikely, but what if? We have your data auto replicated to separate storage just in case. Another hidden benefit for you!

Enterprise Level Virtualization Via vmWare

There are two types of Virtualization products. Open source and commercial products. While we support many open source products, having your mission critical server powered by the industry leader in virtualization, which offers 24/7 support, is why vmWare is used by 100% of Fortune 100 companies.

In a hosting environment, the virtualization controls a vast majority of the infrastructure. If a problem arises, it's great to know 24/7 support for the virtualization software is just a phone call away. Contrast that to open source virtualization options, which relies on the community for answers. The open source option is a great option in some scenarios. However, we utilize the best option available. In the virtualization realm, vmWare is the superior option.

True A and B Power - In Addition To Generator Power

Each of our data center locations (two locations in the USA) has unique separate power feeds into the building and each piece of equipment is powered by each feed respectively. If one of the power feeds goes down, our second power feed assumes all the power needs and the generator never needs to provide power. The data centers are also ready to go with stand-by diesel generator power if the need arises.

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