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Who is Reel Web Solutions?

Reel Web Solutions (RWS) was started as a 'DBA' by Rich Symons several years before Y2K. Early on he would provide web development, web design, and flash applications for friends, family, clubs, and small 'ma & pa' shops who didn't have the skills or funds to start a web presence.

As time passed it became quite difficult to manage websites spread all over the interwebs with different registrar's and web hosts. Each host had different features, prices, and different levels of support. Manually updating the HTML of each site was very time consuming, tedious, and basically unmanageable.

To solve the problem a custom CMS (Content Management System) name "Twisted System" was born in 2004/2005. The application was developed in ColdFusion using Fusebox framework. This application allowed clients to maintain all the content on their site without the need for HTML development skills or FTP access. This was a giant leap forward. Soon after the CMS was released and used, with great success, on several websites an eCommerce solution was added to the package. Also developed with ColdFusion and completely integrated into the CMS. Twisted System users could now maintain their website content and sell products as they desired.

There was still another problem, hosting. Hosting companies where everywhere, it became very hard to determine which companies offered quality services and which companies simply had a website. The focus remained on helping folks obtain a web presence, without breaking the bank, and provide one point of contact when issues or questions arose. It was determined a partnership was needed for web hosting. RWS now works with a world class provider for all our hosting needs. Our clients can deal directly with us for all their questions and concerns. Your situation will be remembered and individual attention provided in a friendly knowledgeable manor. We offer all the bells and whistles of any other host but have the personal feel of your neighborhood market.

If you are just starting out with a website (personal or business) we'll help you with all of your questions, and take the time to explain the process - what you need, and what you don't need. If you are experienced, and have been on the web for a while, everything is self service and you can migrate your site to RWS and be up and running in no time.

Thank you for taking the time to consider Reel Web Solutions. We offer hosting solutions, full websites, and consulting services. Tell us you want a website and we'll make it happen!

Thanks again!
Rich Symons
Reel Web Solutions, a service of Symric LLC

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